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Kula Kangri

Kula Kangri Kula Kangri sits on the border of Bhutan and Tibet, China, which causes a bit of debate as to whether or not it is the highest mountain in Bhutan or if the peak can be claimed by Tibet. Its closest major neighboring peaks are Chura Kang to the southeast and Chomolhari Kang to …

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Gangkhar Puensum

Gangkhar Puensum (གངས་དཀར་སྤུན་གསུམ་, Kangkar Punsum, Gangkar Punsum, Gankar Punzum) Gangkhar Puensum sits in the Kula Kangri Himalaya mountain range in Bhutan, China. The name Gangkhar Puensum translates to “White Peak of the Three Spiritual Brothers.” The mountain remains unclimbed, because in 1994, climbing mountains higher than 6,000 meters was prohibited in Bhutan as a display …

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Jomolhari / Chomo Lhari

Jomolhari / Chomo Lhari (ཇོ་མོ་ལྷ་རི, jo mo lha ri, 绰莫拉日峰, Chuòmòlārì Fēng) Mount Jomolhari lies on the border of Tibet’s Yadong County and the Thimphu district of Bhutan. Jomolhari is known as “the bride of Kangchenjunga.” It is also sacred to Tibetan Buddhists who believe it is the home of Jomo, one of the Five …

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