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Mount Elbert: The Highest Peak in the Rocky Mountains

In the deep heart of the Rocky Mountains, just south of the alpine town of Leadville, a mountain known locally as the “Gentle Giant” overlooks snow-capped ranks of lesser peaks and hills. This is where she has lived for about thirty million years, and with any luck, the next thirty million years isn’t going to …

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Hallett Peak

Hallett Peak Hallett Peak lies on the Continental Divide in Rocky Mountain National Park Wilderness, about ten miles southwest of Estes Park, Colorado. The mountain is located west of three gorgeous lakes: Emerald Lake, Dream Lake, and Nymph Lake. These lakes can be accessed from the Bear Lake Comfort Station, which was declared in the …

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More Facts About the Rocky Mountains

Whether you’re looking to learn more about that Purple Mountain Majesty that everyone is singing about or you are simply in need of a way to keep your brain fresh for the next few minutes, we are happy to provide you with the next installment of interesting, unknown, and quirky facts about one of the …

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How Old Are the Rocky Mountains?

If your dad was answering this question, he would probably just say, “old.” And leave it at that. But an answer like this is meaningless to the thoughtful mountaineer, geologist, or outdoor enthusiast with an active mind. The real answer is a bit harder to pin down. The real answer, it turns out, it all …

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The States & Provinces of the North American Rocky Mountains

As the second longest mountain range in the world, the Rocky Mountains are quite good at covering distance. From their northern terminus in Canada to their southern end in New Mexico, the Rocky Mountains stretch for just over 3,000 miles. This allows them to grace a number of different American states and Canadian provinces. While …

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Denver, Colorado: Gateway to the Central Rocky Mountains

On the westernmost shore of the great American plain, the city of Denver sits like a sentry, guarding the central Rocky Mountain region like an old military fort, offering westward travelers one final opportunity to replenish their supplies before spiriting off into the hills for one adventure or another. At least, that is what this …

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The 5 Highest Peaks of the Colorado Rocky Mountains

While the Rocky Mountains of North America can’t quite compete with the incredible heights of Alaska, they still hold claim to many of the tallest points in the contiguous Unites States. In fact, other than the lonely Mount Whitney in California, the Rockies have all of the highest points in the contiguous U.S., and as such …

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A Geological History of the Rocky Mountains

It seems that no matter what part of the Rocky Mountains you are traveling through, you will be overcome with an incredible and unassailable sense of history. Indeed one feels overwhelmed with ghost-like recollections of the prospectors and trappers that settled this wild country, or the explorers and warriors that came before them to unlock …

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Specimen Mountain

Specimen Mountain Specimen Mountain sits in the Front Range mountains, north of Milner Pass in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. Country: United States Mountain Range: Front Range, Rocky Mountains Height: 12,494 feet / 3,808 meters Fun Fact: Specimen Mountain is the 12th highest peak in the Front Range mountains. Photos

Parry Peak

Parry Peak Parry Peak was named for the botanist Charles Christopher Parry, who studied the Colorado mountain flora in the 1860s. Country: United States It sits in the Arapahoe National Forest on the continental divide, southeast of Winter Park, Colorado. Mountain Range: James Group, Front Range, Rocky Mountains Height: 13,397 feet / 1,731 meters Fun …

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