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Mount Hood

Mount Hood (Wy’east) Mount Hood is Oregon’s highest peak and one of its stratovolcanoes that lies in what is called the Cascade Volcanic Arc of North America, which stretches from Northern California to British Columbia. It is a potentially active volcano with a low risk of erupting. To the Multnomah tribe, the mountain is called …

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Finding Healing and Guidance in Mount Rainier

At the very beginning of 2020, in early January, my family was struck with a sudden death. Soon after, the world was beset with the coronavirus, and we had to make some pretty big lifestyle adjustments along with everyone else. So in late summer, my sister and I decided to reconnect with nature for healing …

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Walking Mount Tabor, Oregon’s Cinder Cone in the City

What to do when you’re in one of the best states for exploring mountains, new at climbing, and tethered to the city of Portland during your summer vacation? Walk Portland, Oregon’s dormant volcano, Mount Tabor! This is exactly what I did this summer. One sunny day in August, my daughter, brother-in-law, niece, and I took …

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