Lotus Peak of Huangshan

Lotus Peak | Lianhua Feng | Lian Hua Feng

Lotus Peak, or Lianhua Feng, is the highest in the Huangshan Mountain range, a lush mountain area located in Anhui province containing many peaks, where Lotus Peak is the highest at 1,864 meters. Its second and third highest peaks are Bright Peak and Celestial Peak, respectively.

The mountain forms a beautiful granite lotus flower at its peak, and in the center of the flower is a small pool called Moon Pool.

Country: China

Mountain Range: Huangshan

Elevation: 6,115 feet / 1,864 meters

Fun Fact: Lovers and family members would attach locks engraved with words to a set of chains on the mountain, and then throw the keys down the mountain so their love or luck would be forever attached to their loves and hopes.


A walking trail at the very top of Huangshan mountain during sunrise with its typical pines and granite peaks. Famous Lotus peak at the background. | Jan Jerman
Lotus Peak with river dam from Bright Summit on Huangshan Mountain China | Reimar
Natural Landscape of Lianhua Peak in Huangshan Scenic Spot, Huangshan City, Anhui Province
Lotus peak in the very early morning in famous Huangshan (“Yellow mountains”), Anhui, China. Yuping cable car visible at the bottom. | Jan Jerman
At the foot of Lianhua Peak, Huangshan Scenic Spot, Anhui
Mount Huangshan in Anhui, China | Krishna Wu

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