Rimo Kangri I

Rimo I (Rimo Kangri I)

Buddhist Stupas overlooking the Shyok river at Diskit, Nubrah Valley, Ladakh, Northern India

“Rimo I” is the principal peak in the Rimo mountain massif, which lies in the eastern Karakoram mountain range of India, in the Terong Basin.  The mountain holds the Rimo Glacier, which drains into the beautiful Shyok river below.  The word “Rimo” translates to mean “striped mountain,” likely named for its streaked appearance.

The mountain is nestled deep in the Karakoram mountain range, so remote from civilization that it was barely visited until the twentieth century.  It is not only remote, but also incredibly challenging to climb, and there were no recorded ascents until 1988.  The Himalayan Journal mentions a few attempts before the 1988 ascent: “In 1985, an Indo-British Expedition led by Harish Kapadia had been able to reach up to 6850 m through the southwest ridge. The attempt had been abandoned when Stephen Venables unfortunately dropped his rucksack from the mountain. In 1986, an Indo-Australian Expedition led by Col Prem Chand attempted this peak from the eastern approach. This expedition also could not succeed in reaching the summit. The challenge posed by Rimo I created a thrill and fascination among the mountaineering community the world over.”

The Rimo massif has six “Rimo” peaks: Rimo I (24,229 feet), Rimo II (24,190 ft), Rimo III (23,730 ft) – which is the 97th tallest peak in the world, Rimo IV (23,520 ft), Rimo V (22,579 ft), and Rimo VI (22,461 ft).  The massif is southeast of Mahashrung and northwest of Chong Kumdang Ri I.

To the northwest of the Rimo mountains are Terong Kangri I directly northwest of Rimo Kangri III, and then Mahashrung, Padmanabh, Lakshmi Kangri, and Apsarasas Se further northwest. Chong Kumdang Ri I is located southeast of Rimo Kangri I. The Nubra River flows to the west of the Rimo Mountains, and on the other side of the Nubra is K12.

Country: India

Mountain Range: Rimo Karakoram

Elevation: 24,229 feet / 7,385 meters

First Ascent: July 28, 1988 by Nima Dorje Sherpa, Tsewang Samanla of India, Yoshio Ogata, and Hideki Yoshida of Japan.

Fun Fact: Rimo I is the 71st highest peak in the world.


These are photos of the Karakorams and the beautiful Shyok river, which drains from Rimo I.

Shyok River at Nubra Valley
A panoramic view of the Turtuk Valley. and the Shyok River.Turtuk is the last village of India on the India-Pakistan Border situated in the Nubra valley region in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir,India
A panoramic view of the Turtuk Valley. and the Shyok River.
Shyok River of Ladakh India
The Shyok River flows its way through the Nubra Valley, India.
Formerly, Pangong Tso had an outlet to the Shyok River, a tributary of Indus River, but it was closed off for the natural damming purpose.
Shyok River View from ladakh,North India

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