Ghent Kangri

Ghent Kangri (Mount Ghent, Ghaint I)

Karakoram Mountains in the northern area of Pakistan

Ghent Kangri is located in the northern Saltoro Ridge mountain range, a subrange of the Karakoram mountains of Gilgit Baltistan, which is disputed land sitting between India and Pakistan.

Located west of the Siachen Glacier, Ghent Kangri’s closest neighboring peaks are The Hawk to the northeast and Sherpi Kangri I to the south. A bit further out are Saltoro Kangri to the southeast, Link Sar to the southwest, and Chogolisa and Baltoro Kangri to the northwest.

Country: India, Pakistan

Mountain Range: Saltoro Karakoram

Elevation: 24,281 feet / 7,401 meters

First Ascent: June 4, 1961, by Wolfgang Axt, a climber of an Austrian expedition led by Erich Waschak, via the West Ridge.

Fun Fact: Ghent Kangri is the 69th highest mountain peak in the world.

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