Grand Teton

Grand Teton

Grand Teton lies in the Snake River drainage basin, which it feeds via mountain creeks and glaciers.

The peak is the highest mountain in Grand Teton National Park, located in Northwest Wyoming.

Country: United States

State: Wyoming

Mountain Range: Teton Range, Rocky Mountains

Height: 13,775 feet / 4,199 meters

First Ascent: disputed, possibly 1872 by Langford and Stevenson, and it is also thought that it could have been summited in 1893 by Kieffer, Newell, and Rhyan. In 1898, Spalding, Owen, Peterson, and Shive definitely reached the peak.

Fun Fact: Grand Teton is the highest mountain peak in Grand Teton National Park, in Northwest Wyoming, and a popular destination for climbers. It is also the second highest mountain in Wyoming after Gannett Peak.


Grand Teton National Park at Snake River overlook
Grand Teton National Park | Pat Tr
Autumn in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
Two bull moose stand under the Tetons during a winter sunset in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.
Historic John Moulton barn and corral on Mormon Row in the Antelope Flats area of Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
Bison in front of Grand Teton Mountain range
John Moulton Barn, Grand Teton National Park | Anthony Heflin
Jenny Lake sunset in Grand Teton National Park | Mike Ver Sprill
The core of the Milky Way rising up over the Grand Teton Range in Wyoming | Anthony Heflin

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