Istor-o-Nal (इस्तोर-ओ-नल)

Autumn in Ghizer valley, Gupis along Hindu Kush mountain range, North of Pakistan

Istor-o-Nal is located in the High Hindu Kush mountain range of Pakistan’s Chitral District. In the local language of Khowar, which is the Chitrali language, The word “Istoro Nal” means “horseshoe.”

It is the prominent peak of a massif of eleven peaks, all over 7,000 meters. Nearby peaks include Noshaq and then Gumbaz-E-Safed to the northwest, Nohbaiznoh Zom to the northeast, and Tirich Mir to the southwest. Tirich Mir is the highest point in the Hindu Kush, and because of this, it hides Istor-o-Nal from many viewpoints.

Country: Pakistan

Mountain Range: Hindu Kush

Elevation: 24,288 feet / 7,403 meters

First Ascent: June 8, 1955, by American team members Joseph E. Murphy, Jr., and Thomas A. Mutch, led by Pakistani Major Ken Bankwala, on a Princeton Mountaineering Club expedition.

Fun Fact: Istor-o-Nal is the 68th highest mountain peak in the world. It is also the third highest mountain in the Hindu Kush mountain range.

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