Pumari Chhish

Karakoram highway in the valley at Karimabad in Pakistan

Pumari Chhish (پماری چش‎, Pumarikish, Peak 11)

Pumari Chhish is a tall peak in the Hispar Muztagh mountain range, a subrange of the Karakoram mountain range, that sits east of Khunyang Chhish.

The mountain is located southeast of Kunyang Chhish North and east of Kunyang Chhish.

Country: Pakistan

Mountain Range: Hispar Karakoram

Elevation: 24,580 feet / 7,492 meters

First Ascent: 1979 by S. Chiba, K. Minami, M. Ohashi, and H. Yokoyama.

Fun Fact: Pumari Chhish is the 53rd highest peak in the world.

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