Rimo Kangri III

Rimo III (Rimo Kangri III)

Shyok River and Shyok Valley in Turtuk village, Leh district, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Rimo III is the third highest peak in the Rimo mountain massif, and sits in the Terong Basin of the eastern Karakoram mountains. 

The word “Rimo” translates to mean “striped mountain,” and was likely named for the mountain’s striped appearance. The Rimo Glacier drains into the Shyok river from Rimo Kangri I.

The Rimo mountain massif consists of six peaks with the name Rimo, all of which are quite remote and challenging climbs. Outside of teh Rimo mountains, the nearest peaks are Mahashrung, Padmanabh, and Apsarasas Kangri I to the northwest, and Chong Kumdang Ri I, Mamostong Kangri, and Skyampoche Ri I to the southeast.

The Rimo mountains are located in the Siachen area of Ladakh, which is controlled by India, yet claimed by Pakistan.

Country: India

Mountain Range: Rimo Karakoram

Elevation: 23,730 feet / 7,233 meters

First Ascent: 1985

Fun Fact: Rimo III is the 97th highest peak in the world.


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Ladakh Range of Mountains from Leh in India | sittitap

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