Teram Kangri II

Teram Kangri II

Sunset on Karakoram Highway | Photo by Hamza Ali | Pexels

Located in a disputed territory straddling China and India in the remote Siachen Muztagh mountain range, a subrange of the Karakoram mountains, are the Teram Kangri mountains.

The three peaks of the group from highest to lowest are Teram Kangri I (7,462 m/24,482 ft), Teram Kangri II (7,407 m/24,301 ft), and Teram Kangri III (7,382 m/24,219 ft).

Its neighboring peaks include Apsarasas Kangri I to the northeast, then further Lakshmi Kangri and Padmanabh to the south-southeast of the Teram Kangri Group.

Country: India, China

Mountain Range: Siachen Karakoram

Parents: Teram Kangri I

Elevation: 24,301 feet / 7,407 meters

Prominence: 594 feet / 181 meters

First Ascent: 1978 when an Indian Army expedition led by Colonel Narendra Kumar sought to claim the Siachen Glacier area for India and climbed the peak in an effort to do so.

Fun Fact: Teram Kangri I in the Teram Kangri Group is the 56th highest mountain in the world, listed by elevation of mountains with a prominence of 500 meters or more, which is why Teram Kangri II is typically not included in this list, as it has a prominence of 181 meters.

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