Alto San Juan

Alto San Juan

Organic vineyards near Mendoza in Argentina with Andes in the background

San Juan Peak, positioned in the Central Andes, is one of the most distinctive mountains that straddle between Chile and Argentina. The peak in itself is a testament to the natural grandeur that these regions are widely known for. Situated between Santiago, the capital city of Chile, and Mendoza, a vibrant city in Argentina, San Juan Peak serves as a natural boundary and a remarkable landmark for both countries.

This mountainous range in the Central Andes is a paradise for climbers and adventurers who seek to conquer its grandeur and are drawn to its exceptional beauty. The peak offers a majestic view that overlooks both Chile and Argentina and is seen as a symbol of unity between these bordering nations. San Juan Peak stands not only as an important geological formation but also as a monument of shared heritage and mutual respect between Chile and Argentina.

Fast Facts

Country: Chile, Argentina

State/Province: Santiago, Mendoza

County/Region: Cordillera

Mountain Range: Central Andes, Andes

Parents: Tupungato, Central Andes, Andes

Elevation: 20,171 feet / 6,148 meters

Prominence: 2,972 feet / 906 meters

Isolation: 7.62 miles / 12.26 kilometers

Nearest Higher Neighbor (NHN): Cerro Tupungato

First Ascent: November 2, 1944 by Wolfgang Foerster, Jorge Koester, Ludwig Krahl, and Eberhard Meier of Germany.

Flora and Fauna

San Juan Peak, located in the Central Andes, is a biodiversity hotspot teeming with unique flora and fauna. The peak offers a rich tapestry of ecological communities, demonstrating a fascinating blend of both Chilean and Argentine influences due to its geographical location. From the city landscapes of Santiago and Mendoza, it showcases an entirely different world where nature runs rampant.

Among the diverse flora, one can observe a wide variety of shrubs and grasses adapted to the high-altitude environment. The fauna is just as diverse and intriguing. It includes various bird species such as the Andean condor, which majestically soars above the mountainous terrain. The peak also serves as a habitat for mammals like the guanaco, a camelid native to South America.

The San Juan Peak is more than just a scenic vista; it is a vibrant ecosystem with its own unique biodiversity. Every plant and animal has adapted to thrive in this harsh yet beautiful environment, making it a living testament to the power of nature’s adaptability. Despite the challenging weather conditions and altitude, life in San Juan Peak is abundant and resilient. Conservation efforts are ongoing to preserve this unique biodiversity hotspot and ensure that future generations can also marvel at the wonders offered by the flora and fauna of San Juan Peak in Chile and Argentina.


San Juan Peak, rising majestically in the Central Andes, is surrounded by some of the most scenic and challenging trails. The Morales-La Engorda Hiking Trail is one of them, offering an unparalleled experience to hikers. This trail, nestled within the heart of the Andes, provides an exceptional opportunity for nature enthusiasts to experience the captivating beauty of this region. It offers a moderate to hard trekking experience through a diverse landscape that includes lush forests, gushing streams, and panoramic views of snow-capped peaks. The trail culminates at a vantage point offering a spectacular view of the San Juan Peak. Whether you are a novice hiker seeking an adventurous journey or an experienced trekker looking to conquer challenging terrain, the Morales-La Engorda Hiking Trail near San Juan Peak is a must-explore.

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