From left – Mount South Kabru, Mount North Kabru and Mount Talung – beautiful view of Himalayan mountains at Ravangla, Sikkim.

Kabru is located in the Kangchenjunga Himal subrange of the Himalaya mountains. It lies south of its parent mountain, Kangchenjunga, on the border of India and Nepal.

Like its parent mountain, Kabru is a mountain ridge of five prominent peaks. Named from north to south, the mountain’s structures are: Kangchenjunga south top (8,476 m), a saddle of Kabru (6,600–6,700 m), a summit called Talung (7,349 m), another saddle (6,983 m), the Kabru summit which is sometimes called Kabru IV (7,412 m), a snow feature called a “field of firn” (~7,200 m), the Kabru North summit (7,338 m), a saddle (7,200 m), and the Kabru South summit (7,318 m).

Nearby features include Goecha Peak and Goecha La Lake to the southeast, Rathong Glacier to the south, the Oktang hiking area to the southwest, and Simvo mountain to the northeast. It is also located directly southeast of Mount Kumbhakarna.

Country: India, Nepal

Mountain Range: Kangchenjunga Himalaya

Elevation: 24,075 feet / 7,338 meters

First Ascent: November 18, 1935, by solo climber C.R. Cooke

Fun Fact: Kabru North is the 65th highest mountain peak in the world.

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