Mount Changtse, Tibetan mount near Mt. Everest, Nepal


Changtse stands directly north of Mount Everest between the Main Rongbuk and East Rongbuk Glaciers in Tibet, China. In Tibetan, the name “Changtse” translates to “north peak.”

It stands just north of the border with Nepal and east of Rongbu Bingchuan, also known as “Rongbuk” Glacier, Lombak Glacier, and Ice Tallinn.

Country: China

Mountain Range: Mahalangur Himalaya

Elevation: 24,747 feet / 7,543 meters

First Ascent: October 14, 1982 by Udo Zehetleitner, Paul Braun, Rudolf Frick, Ludwig Hösle and Martin Engler; all members of a German expedition.

Fun Fact: Changtse is the 44th highest mountain in the world.

Everest and Changtse sunset. Taken in the Flannelette temple of north side Everest.

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