Kongur Tiube

Kongur Tiube (公格尔九别峰, Kongur Tiubie, Jiubie, Kungur Tjube Tagh)

A stamp printed in China with the inscription “Kongur Tiubie Tagh (7695 m), climbed 6/17/1961” from the series “Mountaineering”, circa 1965

Kongur Tiube sits in the Kongur Shan mountain range in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China and is a subpeak of Kongur Tagh.

In the local language, Kongur Tiube translates to “the mountain with a white cap.”

Is stands close to the Tajikistan border to the west, the Kyrgyzstan border to the north, and the Chinese Kashgar Prefecture, also known as Kashi Prefecture, to the northeast in the Tarim Basin region.

Kongur Tiube is a part of the Pamir Mountains.

Country: China

Mountain Range: Kongur Shan (Eastern Pamirs), Pamir Mountains

Elevation: 24,705 feet / 7,530 meters

First Ascent: 1956

Fun Fact: Kongur Tiube is the 46th highest peak in the world.

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