Churen Himal

Churen Himal

View of Putha Churen Himal and Dhaulagiri Himal – Dhaulagiri VI – Guerrilla trek – western Nepalese Himalayas

Churen Himal is a child mountain of Dhaulagiri IV in the Dhaulagiri Himalaya mountain range. It is located in Gurja Khani, Nepal.

The closest mountains to Churen Himal are Putha Hiunchuli to the west of Churen Himal in Ranmamaikot, Nepal and Junction Peak to the east in Mudi, Nepal. A little further east of Churen Himal is Dhaulagiri II, also in Mudi. Dolpo Himal HP is further to the north in Mukot, Nepal.

Country: Nepal

Mountain Range: Dhaulagiri Himalaya

Elevation: 24,183 feet / 7,371 meters

First Ascent: 1970 by by Kozo Hasegawa and Ang Norbu Sherpa.

Fun Fact: Churen Himal is the 72nd highest peak in the world.

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