Devil’s Peak

Devil’s Peak

Devil’s Peak sits next to Table Mountain and Lion’s Head near the Twelve Apostles mountain chain in Cape Town (Kaapstad) in the Republic of South Africa.

Together, the mountains make an amazing backdrop for the city.

Country: South Africa

Devil’s Peak is located in Table Mountain National Park in Cape Town, South Africa.

Devil’s Peak, Cape Town. South Africa | Ryzhkov Sergey

Mountain Range: Devil’s Peak is part of a sandstone mountain range.

Elevation: 3,300 feet / 1,000 meters

Fun Fact: A wonderful variety of plant life grow around Devil’s Peak and surrounding mountains.

Mountain Routes: There are a number of easy routes for hikers, the most popular being from Rhodes Memorial to the King’s blockhouse. The easiest ascent route is from the Saddle.


Great white shark, Carcharodon carcharias, with Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak in the background, False Bay, South Africa | Alessandro De Maddalena
Republic of South Africa. Cape Town (Kaapstad). Waterfront – Victoria Basin with historical buildings. Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain in the background | WitR
Devil’s Peak Sunrise seen from Lion’s Head | Ayrton DaSilva
Elevated view of Table Mountain & Devils Peak taken from the summit of Cape Town’s third landmark mountain, Lions Head. | David Pickett
Devil’s Peak in Cape Town, South Africa.

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