Haupu Mountain

Haupu Mountain

Haupu has an interesting background. It is named for a giant guardian who would watch for invaders coming to Oahu via the Kaieiewaho Channel. The legend goes that once Haupu mistook a fishing tournament organized by chief Kaena as an invasion, so Haupu threw rocks at the participants, hitting Kaena in the process. Kaena Point was named for this event, and there is a large stone about the size of a house just off the Kaena Point called Pohaku O Kauai, which was thrown by Haupu according to the story.

The mountain is also known for having the profile of a woman as a feature, which is sometimes referred to as Queen Victoria’s profile, but island natives know it to be Hinaiuka, named for a beautiful Hawaiian named Hina from Kauai.

A nearby peak, Nounou, which overlooks the town of Wailua, is also thought to be named for a giant. Nounou would step through the lands, making it easier for farmers to plant crops. The townspeople were so grateful that they honored Nounou’s efforts with a great feast, which the giant enjoyed, and then he fell asleep. Peak Nounou has been asleep ever since, giving way to its other name, Sleeping Giant.

Country: United States

State: Hawaii

Mountain Range: Hawaiian Islands

Elevation: 2,297 feet


Haupu Mountain surrounded by lush, green tropical rainforest on Kauai, Hawaii | Mike Sirotin Photography

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