Kings Crown Peak

Kings Crown Peak

Ocotillo Plants by Picketpost Mountain, Arizona Desert Scenery | Angela Feltes

Kings Crown Peak is a notable summit located in the Pinal Mountains of Arizona, which are situated near the town of Superior. This peak offers hikers and outdoor enthusiasts a chance to experience the rugged beauty of Arizona’s landscape, with a variety of trails leading to its summit and providing panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Fast Facts

Country: United States

State/Province: Arizona

County/Region: Pinal

City/Town: west of Superior

Mountain Range: Northeast Tucson Area

Parents: Northeast Tucson Area

Elevation: 5,541 feet / 1,689 meters

Prominence: 821 feet / 250 meters

Isolation: ~8 miles / ~12 kilometers

Nearest Higher Neighbor (NHN): Iron Mountain

Flora and Fauna

Saguaro Growing on the Side of Picketpost Mountain Arizona | Angela Feltes

Located in the heart of the Pinal Mountains, Kings Crown Peak is not just a scenic wonder for its majestic views but also for the unique flora and fauna that call this area home. The biodiversity is a stark representation of high desert ecology.

The flora of this region includes a mix of desert and mountain plants. The Ocotillo is among the most striking examples, with its tall, spindly stalks topped with fiery red blooms. These plants create a silhouette that is unmistakably characteristic of the Arizona desert landscape. The diversity continues with various cacti species, including the barrel cactus, prickly pear, and cholla, which thrive in this arid environment. Scrub brush, mesquite trees, and manzanita also paint the terrain with shades of green, providing food and shelter for local wildlife.

The fauna of Kings Crown Peak and the surrounding Pinal Mountains are equally as fascinating. The area teems with life, both large and small. Hikers may encounter mammals such as mule deer, javelinas, and even the elusive mountain lion if one is particularly fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on the encounter). Smaller creatures like jackrabbits, rock squirrels, and antelope ground squirrels scurry between rocks and plants, while the night’s approach may reveal the nocturnal activities of coyotes and ringtail cats.

Avian enthusiasts will appreciate the diversity of birds in this high desert ecosystem. From the soaring red-tailed hawk to the tiny hummingbirds who visit the flowers for nectar, bird watchers will have plenty to observe. Other bird species that adorn the Arizona skies include the cactus wren, the state bird, as well as ravens, phainopeplas, and several species of sparrows and finches.

Reptiles are also well-adapted to the harsh conditions of the Pinal Mountains. Lizards, such as the common side-blotched lizard or the ornate tree lizard, are frequently seen basking on warm rocks. Additionally, snakes including gopher snakes and, more rarely, rattlesnakes inhabit this rugged terrain, serving as important predators within the ecosystem.

The environments of Kings Crown Peak are a delicate balance between ruggedness and fragility, providing an example of nature’s tenacity and adaptability. For those who visit, the area offers not only the thrill of the ascent but also the profound appreciation for the life forms that have mastered the art of survival in this striking landscape.


Wilderness at Top of Picketpost Mountain in Arizona | Angela Feltes

Near Kings Crown Peak in Arizona, outdoor enthusiasts can find several trails that cater to different levels of hiking experience and offer splendid views of the surrounding desert landscape. Here are some of the best trails to explore:

Picketpost Mountain Trail

  • Length: Approximately 4 miles round trip
  • Difficulty: Moderate to difficult
  • Elevation Gain: 2,000+ feet
  • Features: This trail leads to the summit of Picketpost Mountain, offering spectacular views of the desert, the distinctive silhouette of the Superstition Mountains, and a view of Kings Crown Peak from a distance. The trail is well-marked at the beginning but can become challenging closer to the top.

Arizona Trail – Picketpost to Kelvin

  • Length: 15.4 miles one way
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Elevation Gain: Minimal, as this is mostly a level segment of the trail
  • Features: Part of the larger Arizona Trail, this stretch provides hikers the chance to experience a variety of desert landscapes, including views of the Kings Crown Peak. The trail is ideal for a long-distance hike or a multi-day backpacking trip.

Pinal Peak via Icehouse Canyon Trail

  • Length: About 10.9 miles round trip
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Elevation Gain: Approximately 3,500 feet
  • Features: Although this trail is rigorous, the path through Icehouse Canyon is enriched with dense forest and diverse plant life, a contrast to the desert flora surrounding Kings Crown Peak. The trail culminates at Pinal Peak, which is the highest point in the Pinal Mountains.

Kellner Canyon Trail

  • Length: Around 8.5 miles round trip
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Elevation Gain: Roughly 2,700 feet
  • Features: Starting from Kellner Canyon, the trail winds through oak woodland and reveals superb vistas, including a vantage point for observing Kings Crown Peak. It is less trafficked than other trails, offering a sense of solitude.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable hiking experience near Kings Crown Peak, always check the current trail conditions before heading out, especially in the desert where weather can change rapidly. Additionally, remember to carry enough water, wear sun protection, and be alert for signs of wildlife. The trails in this area offer a rewarding mix of adventure, natural beauty, and the serene majesty of the Arizona desert.

Neighboring Peaks

Hiking to the Top of Picketpost Mountain in Arizona | Angela Feltes

Situated in the dynamic terrain of the Pinal Mountains, Kings Crown Peak is accompanied by several noteworthy summits that together create a stunning patchwork of geographic landmarks in central Arizona. Here are some of the neighboring peaks that complement the majestic Kings Crown Peak:

Pinal Peak

  • Elevation: 7,850 feet / 2,393 meters
  • Proximity to Kings Crown Peak: This peak is the highest in the Pinal Mountains and offers an extensive view of the region including Kings Crown Peak.

Iron Mountain

  • Elevation: 6,056 feet / 1,846 meters
  • Notable as: The Nearest Higher Neighbor (NHN) to Kings Crown Peak, presenting hikers with a moderately challenging climb and diverse vegetation.

Signal Peak

  • Elevation: 7,812 feet / 2,381 meters
  • Visitors can enjoy: Signal Peak stands as part of a group of peaks within the Pinal Mountains. It offers splendid vistas and a different perspective of the Arizona landscape.

Apache Leap

  • Elevation: 4,822 feet / 1,470 meters
  • Historical significance: This notable landmark near the town of Superior has a rich history tied to the Apache tribe and manifests as an imposing cliff face, just east of Kings Crown Peak.

Picketpost Mountain

  • Elevation: 4,378 feet / 1,334 meters
  • Popular for: A well-known trail to the summit that provides breathtaking panoramic views and an up-close experience with Arizona’s desert beauty, including a sight of Kings Crown Peak from its top.

Each peak within this arrangement of central Arizona’s skyline offers unique perspectives and challenges for the hiking enthusiast. From Kings Crown Peak, the careful observer can take in the vistas encompassing these natural monuments, appreciating their individual roles in the composition of Arizona’s rugged wilderness.

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