Mount Elbert

Mount Elbert

Mount Elbert | Snehit Photo

Mount Elbert is considered the “Gentle Giant” of U.S. mountain climbing because most routes on the ascent are hiking trails that are ranked lower on the scale of difficulty compared to other mountains.

Reveille Peak and Aggie Lake are located directly east of the mountain, with Bull Hill peak to the southwest, and French Mountain to the northwest.

Road Sign Pointing to Mount Elbert | Robert Cicchetti

Country: United States

State/Province: Colorado

Mountain Range: Sawatch Range, Southern Rocky Mountains, Rocky Mountains

Parents: Elbert Massif, Sawatch Range, Southern Rocky Mountains, Rocky Mountains

Elevation: 14,440 feet / 4401 meters

Prominence: 9,093 feet / 2,772 meters

First Ascent: 1874, by Henry W. Stuckle

Fun Fact: Mount Elbert is the highest mountain peak of the Rocky Mountains, and the highest point in Colorado. It is also the second-highest peak in the contiguous United States after Mount Whitney.

Mount Elbert rises up in the background above a pine forest. | CampSmoke

Plant Life: You can find evergreens in the lower elevations of Mount Elbert, including pine, spruce, aspen, lodgepole and fir trees. Lush green vegetation and wildflowers carpet the lower slopes in the warmer months. Alpine plants including the Phacelia sericea (sky-pilot), Hymenoxys grandiflora (old-man-of-the-mountain), and Geum rossii (alpine avens) grow in higher elevations.

Summertime in the mountains bright meadow filled with lush green vegetation with twin peaks and Mount Elbert background high altitude Sawatch range in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado | Roschetzky Photography

Animal Life: Animals common to Mount Elbert include the black bear, elk, mule deer, marmot, bighorn sheep, pika, and pocket gopher.

Bird Life: Grouse and turkey are among the many birds species that can be found on Mount Elbert.

Mount Elbert | John Brueske
Highest point in Colorado on top of Mount Elbert perfect morning sunshine and huge mountains in the Sawatch Range near Leadville, Colorado | Roschetzky Photography

Climbing: This mountain is in our list of Starter Peaks: Nine Easy Mountains to Climb in the U.S.

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