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Mount Jefferson (New Hampshire)

Mount Jefferson Mount Jefferson, located in the state of New Hampshire, is an emblematic feature of the Presidential Range. This towering giant, standing at a height of 5,712 feet, is the third highest peak in the state, offering stunning views and a challenging climb for mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Named after Thomas Jefferson, the …

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From Summit to Summit: Unforgettable Adventures along the Southern Presidential Traverse

Embark on an unforgettable adventure along the Southern Presidential Traverse, where breathtaking landscapes and challenging terrains await. This iconic hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire offers a thrilling experience for outdoor enthusiasts and avid hikers alike. With its 160.0 miles of rugged trails, rocky summits, and stunning vistas, the Southern Presidential Traverse promises …

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Traversing the White Mountains’ Presidential Range

They say you are who you hang out with. For this reason, it is difficult to get a true sense of a mountain until you spend some time with its neighbors. Sometimes the character of one peak may be better appreciated after having explored others in the same range. You know what you’re looking at …

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