Tag: Sajama National Park

Nevado Sajama

Nevado Sajama Nevado Sajama, the highest peak in Bolivia, is a natural wonder that offers an awe-inspiring sight. Located in the western region of Bolivia, it stands majestically in the Andes Mountains, reaching a towering height of over 6,542 meters (21,463 feet). This extinct stratovolcano is part of the Sajama National Park, Bolivia’s oldest national …

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Acotango Acotango is a colossal stratovolcano located within the Andes mountain range, straddling the border between Bolivia and Chile. As part of the Central Volcanic Zone of the Andes, Acotango is one of the several stratovolcanoes that contribute to the immense geological diversity of this region. It stands as a testament to the powerful natural …

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