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Nevado Sajama

Nevado Sajama Sajama is an extinct stratovolcano that was given the name “Nevado,” meaning “snowy” in Spanish, because it is always covered with snow and ice. It is a composite volcano, meaning it was made from many layers of volcanic material, including a stratovolcano covering several lava domes. Sajama is northwest of the Cholcani volcano and also …

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Acotango Acotango is part of the Kimsa Chata group of three volcanic mountains consisting of Acotango, Umurata to the north, and Capurata to the south. Country: Chile, Bolivia It sits on the border between Bolivia and Chile, in Sajama National Park and Lauca National Park. Mountain Range: Kimsa Chata, Andes Height: 19,856 feet / 6,052 …

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