Yangra (Ganesh I)

Golden Peaks of the Himalayas. Ganesh Himal mountain range. The Himalayas, Langtang national park, Nepal.

Yangra, also known as Ganesh I, is a mountain that lies on the border of Nepal and Tibet, China. The Ganesh Himalaya mountain range, including Yangra, stands between the Budhi Gandaki and Trisuli Gandaki valleys, northwest of Nepal’s Kathmandu.

Placing as one of the top 100 of the world’s highest peaks, Yangra towers to over 24,000 feet and is the highest peak in the Ganesh Himalaya mountain range.

Other nearby peaks include Ganesh II to the west, Pabil to the southwest, and Salasungo to the south, all of which are located in Nepal.

Himalaya mountain ridge. Ganesh Himal mountain range and Manaslu Himal mountain range. Langtang, Nepal.

Countries: Nepal, China

Mountain Range: Ganesh Himal, Himalayas

Elevation: 24,350 feet / 7,422 meters

First Ascent: October 24, 1955, by C. Kogan, and E. Gauchat, members of a Franco-Swiss expedition led by Raymond Lambert, via the Southeast.

Fun Fact: Yangra is the 62nd highest peak in the world.

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