Amne Machin

Amne Machin | Amnye Maqen | Anyi Machen | Anyê Maqên | Dradullungshog

A mountain stream with the fresh clear water flowing down a glacier on the foot a mountain. Part of a trek around a holy Tibetan mountain Amne Machin | Valeriia Zherlitsyna

Amne Machin, or “Grandfather Pomra,” is a holy Tibetan mountain and mountain range located in Amdo in Eastern Tibet, in the Xueshan Township of Maqên County in the Golog Prefecture and Qinghai Province of China. It is a Tibetan god mountain, and many visitors bring sacrifices to the mountain deity. In ancient China, the mountain was known as Mount Jishi. The mountain range is an eastern branch of the larger Kunlun Mountain range.

Camping in peaceful surroundings among mysterious abandoned Buddhist temples in a Tibetan village of Xueshan, Eastern Tibet, China. Part of a trek around a holy mountain of Amne Machin. | Valeriia Zherlitsyna

The mountain’s name “Amne” translates to mean “ancestor,” “beautiful heart,” and “happiness,” and “Machin translates to mean “largest mountain at the source of the Yellow River” and “magnificence” in the Tibetan language.

Blue sky with white puffy clouds reflecting in a small lake near the Amne Machin mountain in Amdo, Eastern Tibet, China. | Valeriia Zherlitsyna

Amne Machin I and Amne Machin II are the two most prominent peaks, the second of which was first summited in 1960 by members of the Beijing Institute of Geology, and the highest peak wasn’t reached by climbers until 1981, when a Japanese expedition reached the difficult peak.

Nearby lakes include Doucuo and Donggei Cuona Lake to the northwest, Eling and Gyaring Lake to the west, and Gangna Gemacuo, Rigecuo Lake, and Yellow River to the southwest of the mountain.

A beautiful wide road in the mountains in high elevation in Eastern Tibet, Qinghai province, Amdo.| Valeriia Zherlitsyna

Fast Facts

Country: China

State/Province: Qinghai

Mountain Range: Amne Machin, Kunlun

Parents: Kunlun Mountains

Elevation: 20,610 feet / 6,282 meters

Prominence: 6,430 feet / 1,960 meters

Isolation: 343 mi / 552 km

First Ascent: On May 1981 by a Japanese expedition.

Fun Fact: The main peak of Amne Machin, Machen Kangri, has three ridges that rise 6,100 meters above sea level.

Dramatic landscape of the grasslands with the cloud covered snowy peaks in the background. | Valeriia Zherlitsyna

Flora and Fauna

Plant Life:  Grasslands and flowers are abundant on the slopes of Amne Machin.

Animal Life: Deer and sheep thrive on the grassland and lakes of the area.

Bird Life: The Amne Machin area has diverse bird species including swans, brown headed gulls, spotted geese, red ducks, and brown backed ducks.


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