Porong Ri

Porong Ri

Himalaya Range from Langtang Valley

Porong Ri is located in Tibet, China, just northeast of the Nepal border in the Langtang region of the Himalayan mountain range.

The closest peaks to Porong Ri are its parent peak, Shishapangma, to the southeast and Dragmarpo Ri to the southwest.

Country: China

State/Province: Tibet

Mountain Range: Langtang Himalaya

Parents: Shishapangma

Elevation: 23,924 feet / 7,292 meters

Prominence1,710 feet / 520 meters

First Ascent: 1982, by a Japanese expedition

Fun Fact: Porong Ri is the 85th highest peak in the world.

Plant Life:  The Langtang valley and its Langtang National Park is home to pine, oak, and maple trees, and chirpine and several species rhododendron plants.   Silver fir, hemlock, and larch grow in lower parts of the valley while junipers appear in the mid-range elevations. The Nepalese larch can only be found here and a few other places.

Animal Life:  The Himalayan black bear, red panda, Himalayan tahr, snow leopard, yak, musk deer, Assam macaque, and wild dog all live in the Langtang valley area.

Bird Life: Birds common to the Langtang valley include the bar-headed goose, anser indicus, kalij pheasant, lophura leucomelanos, Indian peafowl, pavo cristatus, red Junglefowl, and gallus gallus.


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