Hutch Mountain

Hutch Mountain

Milky Way seen through forest Hutch Mountain, Arizona | Tyler Finvold

Hutch Mountain, located in Arizona, is a prominent feature of the state’s diverse geographical landscape. Situated on the Mormon Plateau, it forms a significant part of the Colorado Plateau’s southern region. The mountain is nestled in the Coconino National Forest, one of the most varied and visually stunning national forests in the country.

Hutch Mountain provides a unique blend of biodiversity and geological formations that contribute to the richness of Arizona’s natural heritage. The mountain’s location on the Mormon Plateau offers breathtaking panoramic views and a wealth of outdoor recreational activities. It also serves as a vital habitat for a variety of flora and fauna, further enhancing its ecological significance.

The Coconino National Forest, where Hutch Mountain is located, is characterized by scenic landscapes, ranging from red rocks and pine forests to alpine tundra. This diverse environment adds to the allure of Hutch Mountain, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or a serene retreat amidst nature, Hutch Mountain caters to all preferences, offering an unforgettable experience in the heart of Arizona’s wilderness.

Fast Facts

Country: United States

State/Province: Arizona

County/Region: Coconino

Mountain Range: Mormon Plateau

Parents: Mormon Plateau

Elevation: 8,532 feet / 2,601 meters

Prominence: 1,612 feet / 492 meters

Isolation: 32.01 miles / 51.52 kilometers

Nearest Higher Neighbor (NHN): Elden Mountain

Flora and Fauna

Hutch Mountain, located in the Coconino National Forest in Arizona, is a notable region for its rich diversity of flora and fauna. Situated on the Mormon Plateau, this area offers a unique blend of ecosystems due to its varying altitudes, presenting a wide array of plant and animal species. The flora of Hutch Mountain is characterized by a mix of forest and desert vegetation, with ponderosa pine, juniper, and pinyon trees dominating the landscape. Underneath, there’s a diverse understorey of shrubs, grasses, and wildflowers that bloom in different seasons.

The fauna found in this region is equally impressive. It includes a variety of mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects. Sightings of elk, mule deer, black bears, and mountain lions are not uncommon in the forested areas. Bird species such as the Mexican Spotted Owl and Northern Goshawk find refuge in the dense tree canopies. Additionally, Hutch Mountain serves as a habitat for an extensive range of reptiles including snakes and lizards, thanks to its warmer microclimate at the lower elevations. The unique combination of flora and fauna makes Hutch Mountain an important area for ecological studies and conservation efforts in Arizona.


Hutch Mountain is a hub for outdoor enthusiasts thanks to its spectacular trails. The region, situated on the Mormon Plateau, offers a diverse range of terrains, making it an ideal destination for adventurers seeking varying levels of difficulty and experiences. The Coconino National Forest, which encompasses Hutch Mountain, is home to a vast network of trails that cater to all abilities and interests.

One of the most notable trails in the area is the Hutch Mountain Lookout trail. This is a moderate hike that rewards visitors with panoramic views from the fire lookout at the summit. The trail offers a unique blend of challenging ascents, picturesque landscapes, and an abundance of wildlife sightings.

The Arizona Trail, another gem near Hutch Mountain, extends across the state from Mexico to Utah. This trail offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the diverse landscapes of Arizona, including the towering pines of Coconino National Forest and the stunning vistas of the Mormon Plateau.

Whether you’re an avid hiker seeking a challenging trek or a beginner looking for a gentle stroll amidst natural beauty, the trails near Hutch Mountain offer something for everyone.

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