Skyang Kangri

Trekking in Karakoram mountain range, Pakistan

Skyang Kangri (سکیانگ کنگری)

The mountain Skyang Kangri is also referred to as “Staircase Peak,” because of its staircase shape with five steps on the East Ridge.

Skyang Kangri sits on the border of Pakistan and China in the Karakoram mountain range. Its closest neighboring peaks are K2 directly to the southwest, as well as Skilbrum and Praqpa Kangri further southwest, and Broad Peak to the south.

Countries: Pakistan, China

Mountain Range: Baltoro Karakoram

Elevation: 24,754 feet / 7,545 meters

First Ascent: 1976 by Yoshioki Fujioji and Hideki Nagata (Canadian), members of a Japanese expedition.

Fun Fact: Skyang Kangri is the 43rd highest mountain in the world.

Cairn in the Karakorum Mountains, Pakistan.

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