Mount Hood

Mount Hood (Wy’east)

Mount Hood is Oregon’s highest peak and one of its stratovolcanoes that lies in what is called the Cascade Volcanic Arc of North America, which stretches from Northern California to British Columbia. It is a potentially active volcano with a low risk of erupting.

To the Multnomah tribe, the mountain is called Wy’east.  The name comes from a legend that the Great Spirit Sahale had two sons, Wy’east and Pahto, who both loved a beautiful maiden named Loowit.  The two brothers battled over Loowit by burning villages, and the Great Spirit Sahale was so angered over this that he reprimanded Wy’east, Pahto, and Loowit.  Afterwards Sahale felt remorseful and created the lovely Mount St. Helens for Loowit, Mount Hood for Wy’east, and Mount Adams for Pahto.

In another telling, the brothers loved La-wa-la-clough, and their battling caused volcanoes in the area to erupt, destroying the Bridge of the Gods and at the same time creating the Cascades Rapids of the Columbia River.

On October 18, 1805, Lewis and Clark discovered the mountain and wrote “The pinnacle of the round topped mountain, which we saw a short distance below the banks of the river, is South 43-degrees West of us and about 37 miles (60 km). It is at this time topped with snow. We called this the Falls Mountain, or Timm Mountain.”

Country: United States

Mountain Range: Cascade Range

Elevation: 11,249 feet / 3,429 meters

First Ascent: July 11, 1857, by Henry Pittock and party of W. Lymen Chittenden, Wilbur Cornell, and Rev. T.A. Wood.

Fun Fact: Mount Hood is the highest peak in Oregon.


Mount Hood View from Trillium Lake
Photo of the view east from Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood | Robert Brown Stock
Mt Hood and Vineyards 
Mount Hood
Mount Hood reflecting in Trillium Lake at sunset, in Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon
Aerial View of Mt. Hood Above Trillium Lake | TayHamPhotography
Ducks’ family at Trillium Lake, Oregon | OLOS

Mount Hood, Oregon’s highest mountain, basks in the sun. Mount Hood is a year-round destination for many types of outdoor activity. | Eric Backman
Mount Hood reflecting in Lost Lake at sunrise, in Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon | Michal Balada
Mount Hood National Forest | Thye-Wee Gn
Mount Hood | Roark Nelson
Sunrise behind Mount Hood from Jonsrud Viewpoint | Roark Nelson
Dramatic colorful sunrise over Mount Hood and foggy Portland | Thye-Wee Gn
A scenic section of the Timberline Trail on Mount Hood, in Oregon | jennagenio
Majestic View of Mt. Hood on a bright, colorful sunset during the summer months. | Josemaria Toscano
St Johns bridge and Mt Hood with beautiful sunrise in Portland, Oregon. | Bill45

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